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Biden’s Wrecking Ball Benevolence for Homebuyers

Biden’s Wrecking Ball Benevolence for Homebuyers by James Bovard When did being creditworthy become a federal crime? The Biden administration is intentionally punishing homebuyers with good credit scores to subsidize people with shaky histories of paying their debts. But the latest salvation scheme ignores the sordid history of federal policymakers ravaging homeowners they promised to […]

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Thumping Biden’s Mortgage Madness on WMAL Washington Talk Radio

I was on WMAL Washington radio yesterday with Larry O’Connor to pummel Biden’s mortgage mandate madness.  He liked my line: “The easiest way to ruin somebody’s life is to give them a mortgage they can’t afford.”  The furor over this policy is spurring House Republicans to seek to block the Biden administration’s boneheaded “reform.” Here’s […]

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Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 20-02-32 NY Post Columnist Jim Bovard Feds to force banks to give weak borrowers cheaper mortgages 04-25-23

Thumping Biden’s Bizarre Mortgage Edict on WABC Radio New York

77 WABC‘s Rita Cosby had me on her New York radio show to talk about my New York Post oped on Biden’s bizarre scheme to punish creditworthy homebuyers to subsidize bad credit risks. Giving people mortgages they can’t afford can ruin their lives. Biden could repeat the 2008+ housing crash that devastated Blacks & Hispanics. […]

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N.Y. Post: Biden’s bank bailout just the latest in decades of DC disasters

New York Post, March 15, 2023 Biden’s bank bailout just the latest in decades of DC disasters by James Bovard Honest bailout” is Washington’s biggest oxymoron. After two federally insured banks crashed and burned over the past week, President Joe Biden promised Monday, “No losses will be borne by the taxpayers” from federal relief efforts. […]

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