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The Best Life Lesson for a Teen Is a Job

The Best Life Lesson for a Teen Is a Job  By James Bovard   May 26, 2023    During the Covid debacle, kids were locked out of school or otherwise condemned to an inferior Zoom education for up to two years. What were the alternatives? Unfortunately, since the New Deal, the federal government has severely restricted […]

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Pounding Fauci for 3 Years on Twitter

Fauci is trending on Twitter today. The Wall Street Journal just exposed the coverup of the Covid-19 leaking from a Wuhan lab that Fauci helped bankroll (confirming prior exposes). Since April 2020, I have been pounding Fauci on Twitter. Here’s a round-up of accolades I tossed out for “Mr. Science.” Perhaps Fauci will paraphrase a […]

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Biden’s COVID Dictatorship Will Never End

Libertarian Institute, October 18, 2022 Joe Biden’s COVID Dictatorship Will Never End by Jim Bovard | The Biden administration formally decreed last week that America’s COVID “emergency” continues. That proclamation was tricky to reconcile with President Biden’s announcement last month on 60 Minutes: “The pandemic is over.”  Apparently, that was malarkey—perhaps part of the Democratic […]

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Biden’s Covid Emergency is a Dictatorial Abuse

New York Post, October 15, 2022 President Biden keeps the COVID ‘emergency’ going so he can act like a dictator By James Bovard The Biden administration proclaimed Thursday that America’s COVID “emergency” continues. Yet last month President Biden told “60 Minutes”: “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing […]

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Federal Testing Debacle Multiplied COVID Carnage

Federal Testing Debacle Multiplied COVID Carnage by James Bovard May 24, 2022 EMAIL On a bitter cold January afternoon, lines of people awaiting free COVID tests stretched around the block at a Rockville, Maryland, public library. Looking at the scene reminded me of seeing East Germans lined up in endless queues in the 1980s to […]

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