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Pandemic Potshots and Other Epigrams

Brownstone Institute, January 10, 2022 Pandemic Potshots and Other Epigrams By James Bovard Outrageous government policies are often shrouded by fogbanks of bureaucratese and political deceit. But a snappy sentence can sometimes puncture the veil and spur the ridicule that policy-makers richly deserve. Following is a round-up of verbal harpoons I flung at Leviathan last […]

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American Foreign Policy: Idiocy or Perfidy?

American Conservative Idiocy or Perfidy? How We Get Hooked on Foreign Democracy Crusades Ted Carpenter’s new book raises important questions about who is wagging who. By James Bovard • October 2, 2019 Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Gullible Superpower: U.S. Support For Bogus Foreign Democratic Movements by Ted Galen Carpenter, 2019, Cato Institute, […]

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JPB Mises Intellectuals #2 Capture

Mises Inst.: The Washington Intellectual Gravy Train

The Mises Institute’s “The Austrian” Newsletter The Washington Intellectual Gravy Train by James Bovard Intellectuals have long been glorified as champions of truth and defenders of society’s highest values. But in Washington, they serve as Leviathan‘s Praetorian Guard. Intellectuals are thriving in DC thanks in large part to the ruinous policy advice they proffer. The […]

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The Torturous Servility of Washington Think Tanks

The Globalist posted an article of mine today contrasting the courage of Washington vs. New York organizations.   Washington vs. New York: Wonks vs. Courage Washington has long had a reputation as being the place for serious political thinkers. By contrast, New York was seen as a place where people go to earn bushels of money. Yet, the reaction […]

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My Pot Ruling Bash

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted my article on the Supreme Court ruling on medical marijuana. The articles begins – Earlier this year [2005], the Supreme Court, acting again like a gang that smoked too much bad weed, ruled that the federal government has the right to prohibit people from growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. The […]

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Think Tanks as Military Bases

George W. Bush exploits captive audiences as well as any president. During the last four years, he has ritually gone to military bases to uncork his biggest inanities regarding foreign policy. There are some howlers that can only be tossed out in front of an audience forbidden to laugh. No one in a military audience […]

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