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jpb quote jpeg by Natalie F D on Assange & Wikileaks

Set Julian Assange Free: My Matt Kibbe Interview

Here’s my 50 second hat tip to Julian Assange from my recent interview with Matt Kibbe and Free the People. From my Saving Assange & Free Speech article last month in the American Conservative: Almost all the media coverage of the Assange case is failing to credit him for revealing how blindfolding citizens defines down […]

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Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 09-41-43 Journalist fears Biden is unleashing IRS on political enemies Fox News Video

Fox News interview on IRS Outrages

I was on Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the latest IRS uproar.  Since FDR, presidents have used the IRS to harass their enemies. Is the Biden administration repeating the same abuses?  Interview spurred by the New York Post oped yesterday. https://www.foxnews.com/video/6323650025112  

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My Hillsdale Speech on Covid Vax Mandate Madness

Hillsdale College posted the video of my speech from their Constitution Day Celebration last month bashing Biden’s Covid Vaccination Mandates.  As I state in the speech, Covid vaccinations can be a prudent choice for people in high-risk categories.  But using the federal iron fist to inject almost everyone is a travesty of the Constitution and […]

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Video – The Twenty Year Post-9/11 War on Liberty

Here’s my spiel on the “Twenty Year Post-9/11 War on Liberty” from last night’s The Future of Freedom Foundation broadcast. If you like seeing federal agencies get thrashed, you might enjoy this show. TSA, FBI, NSA, DHS – they all caught hell.  The video wraps up with excellent questions from the audience & plenty of […]

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