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The Alarm Bells for Tyranny No Longer Work

When the military occupied D.C. in 2021, I was astounded that people felt comforted by troops and armored vehicles rolling down the streets and by the barbed wire surrounding Capitol Hill.  It seemed like the “alarm bells for tyranny” no longer worked – at least not  for over-educated folks with 2 or 3 Masters’ Degrees. […]

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Screenshot 2022-10-08 at 21-02-13 Speech at Free Julian Assange DC Rally - James Bovard

Speech at “Free Julian Assange” DC Rally

I spoke today at the Washington protest calling for freeing Julian Assange. It was a tough audience for Biden jokes.  Big thanks to Ford Fischer /News2Share for making this excellent video of today’s event – it is far better than the 4 hour YouTube video of today’s event.  I wasn’t expecting to be called to […]

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Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 11-23-54 Becoming the Commanders How Washington’s NFL team found its new name

“Commanders”?!? New Idiotic Name from Washington Football Team

With its new name "Commanders," the Washington Football team has given Americans a new reason to despise Washington. — James Bovard (@JimBovard) February 2, 2022 Personally, I'm disappointed they didn't name the Washington football team the "Tinhorn Despots" https://t.co/Y5YeXRF8Y1 — James Bovard (@JimBovard) February 2, 2022 "Commanders"!?! Bad name for football team. Should have gone […]

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The Best Speech I Never Gave

Libertarian Institute, October 4, 2021 The Best Speech I Never Gave by James Bovard Prices convey information, especially the price of zero. There is often more latent intelligence signaled by prices than by the claimed good intentions of political zealots—even those on the side of peace and liberty. On the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 […]

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Photos from D.C. Antiwar Rally September 11, 2021

End The Damn Wars had a rally in D.C. today.  They had excellent speakers, including Scott Horton and Max Blumenthal.  The event lacked a good audio system for speakers, unlike the Hispanic festival a block away that had a thundering music stage.  Here are some pics –  

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Will More Media Bias Save Democracy?

American Institute for Economic Research, July 31, 2021 Will More Media Bias Save Democracy? James Bovard The Washington Post’s media columnist is summoning saviors because “our democracy is under attack.” Margaret Sullivan wants Washington journalists to adopt a “pro-democracy” frame and “start being patriotic.”  Reporters should cease focusing on “winners and losers” in political skirmishes […]

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biden from wikipedia copyright free 1024px-Joe_Biden_(49405107506)

Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms

Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms by James Bovard Since the 1800s, surly Americans have derided politicians for spending tax dollars “like drunken sailors.” Until recently, that was considered a grave character fault. But Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act shows that inebriated spending is now the path to national salvation. It was a common […]

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