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Rising Odds of Impeachment

Attorney General Gonzales is dead meat.  His exit is only a question of time.  (I been wrong before, but….) I think the Senate Dems will not confirm some obvious hatchet man as the replacement for Gonzales.   Bush has “benefitted” from two Attorney Generals who were profoundly dishonest and demagogic.  No matter what the Bush administration did, […]

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The Most Absurdities Per Kilogram

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted my Freedom Daily article  on the feds’ war against Tommy Chong.  Always sad to see a great comedian get no respect. Here are the first few paragraphs; full text is here. The Most Absurdities per Kilo by James Bovard, Posted June 6, 2006 The war on drugs has produced […]

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Think Tanks as Military Bases

George W. Bush exploits captive audiences as well as any president. During the last four years, he has ritually gone to military bases to uncork his biggest inanities regarding foreign policy. There are some howlers that can only be tossed out in front of an audience forbidden to laugh. No one in a military audience […]

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