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Government as Slave Owner (2000)

The latest hubbub over whether slavery was the sole cause of the Civil War reminded me of this article on how modern governments have connived to seize unlimited power over citizens.   The Declaration of Independence was clear that Americans rights pre-existed the creation of government.  But today’s Statists see government as the fount of all rights.  What […]

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Freeman: Government as Slaveowner (2000)

UPDATE: Here are some perhaps improved versions of a few lines in the following essay (thanks to Twitter space limits): Government worship tautology: because government has almost boundless power, it is presumably the source of all rights. *A good definition of liberty must provide a barricade that 10,000 federal agents cannot breach. *Tax burdens are […]

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My Wall St Jrn op-ed: IRS Political Targeting Since FDR

Wall Street Journal, May 15, 2013 A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting One survey found that 75% of IRS respondents felt entitled to deceive or lie to Congress. By JAMES BOVARD Many Republicans are enraged over revelations in recent days that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative nonprofit groups with a campaign of audits […]

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Debt Limit Talks: “Squeal Like a Pig,” the Establishment Said

Tom Toles’s excellent cartoon below captures the soul of the debt limit talks. Anyone who is not cynical is probably heading for the chopping block. My good friend and talk show hellraiser extraordinaire Brian Wilson has an excellent article tomorrow at LewRockwell.com on the real meanings behind the key terms flung around in the current […]

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Obama Advisor Sunstein’s Peril to Freedom

from the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Daily (November 2010) Obama Advisor Sunstein’s Peril to Freedom by James Bovard Cass Sunstein is the chief of the Obama administration’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. As Salon’s Glenn Greenwald noted earlier this year, Sunstein “has long been one of Barack Obama’s closest confidants.” His values are […]

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1994 Tax Day article: “The Growing IRS Dictatorship”

Tax Day is a time to pause to appreciate all that Washington does for us. Here’s a piece I wrote 16 years ago. Unfortunately, few newspapers or magazines are stooping to notice the danger of the IRS’s power these days. The article was accepted by Wall Street Journal editorial features editor Amity Shlaes, and was […]

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