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Gitmo Murders & Pentagon Coverup?

Scott Horton of Harper’s has a great piece online on how three detainees at Gitmo were killed during interrogations. The military responded with an elaborate coverup that claimed the three men committed suicide as an “act of asymmetrical warfare.” The military’s story has been blow to bits in large part by former Gitmo guards who […]

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Torture Update: Andy Worthington’s Excellent New Film

Andy Worthington, the author of The Guantanamo Files, is touring the U.S. with his excellent new film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo.” He will be in California later this week. Tour schedule is here. “Outside the Law” does a fine job of blending the legal issues and personal details to burn home the human […]

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WHOOP WHOOP Quote of the Day – on War Crimes

“We believe that anyone suspected of war crimes should be thoroughly investigated.” So claims an anonymous U.S government official, quoted in a story on the New York Times website today. Of course, he was referring to an alleged massacre of Taliban prisoners by Afghan Gen. Dostum in Afghanistan in late 2001. (Despite Obama’s victory last […]

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