WHOOP WHOOP Quote of the Day – on War Crimes

“We believe that anyone suspected of war crimes should be thoroughly investigated.”

So claims an anonymous U.S government official, quoted in a story on the New York Times website today.

Of course, he was referring to an alleged massacre of Taliban prisoners by Afghan Gen. Dostum in Afghanistan in late 2001. (Despite Obama’s victory last November, the notion that U.S. government agents could commit war crimes continues to be a contradiction in terms).

The Bush administration torpedoed any investigation of the slaughter because Dostrum was on the CIA payroll at the time and because he was seen as an important ally.

Dostum has since became a liability to the U.S war in Afghanistan, so now it is OK to hint that he might be brought to justice.

Maybe Dostum is on the verge of those “Noriega/Saddam/Ex-CIA operative blues”?

It would be a true shock if we actually learn which Bush administration officials pulled which strings to coverup the massacre – or at least any legal liability for the killings.


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