What They Brag About in Washington

In his speech to the American Legion last Friday, Bush boasted, “With my 2007 budget, we’ll increase VA’s medical care budget by 69 percent since 2001. Our increased funding has given almost a million more veterans access to the VA medical care system.”

Bush did not go into further specifics.  He did not say anything about a 437% increase in the number of soldiers who have received artificial legs, or a 328% increase in the number of soldiers who have gotten replacement right arms, or the surge in the number of American boys who have gotten false eyeballs courtesy of Uncle Sam.   He did not mention how the Veterans Administration’s soaring number of wheelchair purchases is creating jobs for American manufacturing companies.  

And while Bush brags that his reforms have given “almost a million more veterans” access to the VA, he does not specify how many of those are maimed for life, hollow shells of the men and women they were before Bush sent them to Iraq. 

Regardless, the American Legion members cheered Bush like a conquering hero.

[** % mentioned on the rising number of artificial limbs are hypotheticals]


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