Archive | June 7, 2006

Another Rumsfeld Sham: “Truth will out.”

“Ultimately the truth gets out, notwithstanding people’s efforts to the contrary.” Rumsfeld made that assertion at a press conference last week. It almost makes you wonder if Rumsfeld has lost confidence in his ability to manage the world’s perceptions of the American military. Unfortunately,  the notion that “truth will out” is one of the biggest fantasies […]

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The Most Absurdities Per Kilogram

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted my Freedom Daily article  on the feds’ war against Tommy Chong.  Always sad to see a great comedian get no respect. Here are the first few paragraphs; full text is here. The Most Absurdities per Kilo by James Bovard, Posted June 6, 2006 The war on drugs has produced […]

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