Archive | June 23, 2006

Fox News Fan Mail

Got this email from someone who heard my two cents (actually, more like a half cent) on Fox News tonight. I bet this guy is out at a bookstore right now trying to buy up all the copies of my books that he can find.  ********** You are the one with attention deficit disorder.  One […]

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On Fox News Hannity & Colmes tonight 9:30 (friday)

Just finished an interview/debate on MSNBC on the New York Times’ illegal surveillance. I will be on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes tonight at 9:30 debating the same program.   Should be a barrel of monkeys. LATER: ***POST-SHOW POSTSCRIPT: OK, so much for the barrel forecast.  Major snafu (this blog aspires to family friendly language, except for […]

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FFF Posts my hit on Bush’s Wiretap Crimes

The Future of Freedom Foundation today posted my hit on “Bush’s Wiretap Crimes & the FISA Farce.” It is amazing how so many commentators have preserved perfect ignorance regarding the laws that the Bush administration is trampling.

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