Archive | March 16, 2007

Great Torture Humor

Tim O’Regan has the perfect response to the Establishment media’s groveling to the tortured confession and the redacted transcript out of Gitmo. O’Regan reveals that KSM and his look-alike, porn star Ron Jeremy, are the “Hairy Brothers of Destruction.”   O’Regan reveals: KSM supplied a type-written note that listed all of the crimes the duo is responsible […]

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My Editor & Publisher hit on TSA’s Miami Killing

I wrote a piece for Editor & Publisher in late 2005 on TSA’s killing of a passenger in Miami.  The link is no longer working, so here’s the piece…. Editor & Publisher, December 15, 2005 Media Docility & Another No Cost Federal Killing? by James Bovard  In the weeks after the Hurricane Katrina debacle, many […]

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Gonzo’s Final Straw?

Murray Waas, one of the best investigative journalists in DC, has a new piece on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s role in derailing a Justice Department investigation of his own possible criminality.  Waas notes at the National Journal: Shortly before Attorney General Alberto Gonzales advised President Bush last year on whether to shut down a Justice […]

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