Archive | March 19, 2007

Great Recap of Media Debacles etc. on Iraq War

The folks at Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR) have a superb timeline of media duplicity, cravenness, and occasional truth before and during the war with Iraq. [FAIR does some excellent analyses, even if they did scowl at my work in 1991.   They tagged me “the media’s favorite opponent of national agricultural programs” and complained,   “Bovard achieved […]

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Thanks to Bill Thompson and the Ocala Star-Banner

Bill Thompson, the assistant editorial page editor of the Ocala Star Banner, had kind words yesterday for Attention Deficit Democracy.  Here is his piece: Following a couple wannabes In case you missed it, America has been at war in Iraq for four years, as of tomorrow. And despite more than 25,000 American casualties and a […]

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