UPDATE WITH LINKS On Boortz Today – Internet Listening Options Throughout the Day

Neal Boortz kindly had me on his talk show this morning.  He had generous words for Lost Rights (1994) and gave a good push to the new paperback edition of Attention Deficit Democracy.  

The interview started around 10:30 AM Eastern time.  I’m not sure when that would pop up in the total time of his show as it is replayed around the country.

Here is a page with a heap of links where you can hear the interview replayed throughout the day on the Internet:


Is anyone aware of a place online where his broadcast is archived?

I did not get a tape of it when it was happening and it would be good to track down a record… 

UPDATE:  Here is where the interview can be heard live online tonight.
According to the page of ‘listen live links, it is on KDKA/Pittsburgh from 7 to 10 tonight EASTERN

It is also on KKAR in Omaha from 8 to 11 tonight EASTERN  (confirmed this on the station web page)

It is on KMBZ in Kansas City from 10 pm to 1 am tonight  EASTERN (confirmed on the station web page)

It is on Nashville   from  Midnight to 3 am 

It is on Greeley Colorado  from  1 am to 4 am


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2 Responses to UPDATE WITH LINKS On Boortz Today – Internet Listening Options Throughout the Day

  1. Original Steve June 26, 2007 at 7:23 am #

    Well, I am no fan of Boortz, but it is good he had you on there, J. I am sorry i missed it, and props to Boortz on this one.

  2. Tom Blanton June 26, 2007 at 9:38 pm #

    Jim – Before I listened to the mp3, I was wondering if Boortz had actually read ADD. Apparently, he has judging by the leftest Bush bashing comment.

    As one of Bush’s biggest cheerleaders, I’m surprised he made it through the Bush “bashing” and even more surprised he didn’t bother to challenge the facts (as if he could).

    Certainly Boortz, if he has one libertarian bone in his head, must suffer from chronic cognitive dissonance. His small government vs huge warfare state internal conflict might be the reason he is so paranoid about phantom Islamofascists hiding behind every tree.

    Please send him a copy of Bush Betrayal and let’s see if his head explodes.

    Here is something interesting from somebody named Joel S. Hirschhorn:


    I’m wondering if this is serious:

    “According to a report not yet released, the Council on Science and Public Health of the American Medical Association has recommended that a chronic and widespread affliction of Americans be officially declared a psychiatric disorder. It has been named Political Attention Deficit Disorder (PADD).”