Archive | June 26, 2009

Obama’s Ludicrous Declaration on Torture Day

Alas, my idealistic hopes have once again been crushed like a bug. President Obama issued his statement on the United Nations International Day in Support of Torture Victims. I wonder if Obama’s ghostwriter was wearing hip boots when this statement was put together. The opening of his statement could have been recycled from the George […]

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“Obama and the Torturers” – Portuguese version

Murilo Leme kindly translated my latest torture piece into Portuguese. Comemorem o Dia da Tortura Punindo os Torturadores por James Bovard, 23 de junho de 2009 Desde 1997, todo dia 26 de junho tem sido formalmente reconhecido como o Dia Internacional de Apoio a Vítimas da Tortura – International Day of Support for Victims of […]

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