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My 2 Cents on the Tenth Amendment movement

I spoke to Bill Thompson of the Ocala, Florida News earlier this week. He has a very thoughtful article today on the Tenth Amendment movement. Here’s part of his article: The author James Bovard, whose writings frequently focus on the negative consequences of the growth of the federal government at the expense of individual liberty, […]

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Boundless Ignorance vs. Self-Government

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today the following piece from the March issue of Freedom Daily…. Boundless Ignorance versus Self-Government by James Bovard Freedom Daily March 2009 Modern democracy is based on faith that the people can control what they do not understand. As government has grown by leaps and bounds, “government by […]

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“Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time”

With headlines like this, why does the media wonder why so many gun owners are paranoid? This headline is from a Houston Chronicle article about federal agents going door to door seeking information on guns that might have been transferred to Mexico. This front page article looks like it could have been written by government […]

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