Archive | October 22, 2009

Karzai Gets 2nd Chance to Steal the Election

So what am I missing in Afghanistan? Isn’t this like catching a really dumb bank robber in the act (stealing almost a million votes) – and then, instead of booking him on charges, giving him another chance to rob the same bank? The U.S. government and NATO are going to let Karzai take another swing […]

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On Fox News “Freedom Watch” Friday (10/23) at @ 12:15 pm

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano interviewed me today regarding how the Patriot Act allows the feds to plunder the cash of innocent Americans. This is a damned outrage that Congress is definitely not fixing with the current Patriot Act “reform” legislation. You can watch the program online here tomorrow (Friday). It airs between 12 and 1, […]

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