Brian Wilson’s Latest Knockout in Toledo

Toledo is best known in sports history as the location where Jack Dempsey won the heavyweight title by a knockout back in 1919.

This past week saw another knockout – this one self-inflicted by the Toledo Blade in its clumsy attempts to smear talk show host Brian Wilson. Wilson effectively toppled Toledo’s Mayor-for-Life Carly Finkbeiner in 2009, and he has raised lots of freedom-fighting hell in local politics since he arrived on the air in Ohio in 2006.

The Toledo Blade grossly misrepresented an outtake from Brian’s show two Fridays ago, and sought to stir up a racist controversy out of nothing. The Toledo Free Press has an excellent analysis of the Blade’s shenanigans.

P.S. Brian has a new ‘pull’ quote atop of his blog here – “Time is the sole arbitor between Prescience and Paranoia.” Brian Wilson


2 Responses to Brian Wilson’s Latest Knockout in Toledo

  1. Brian Wilson January 15, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Jim – Thanks for the mention. As we’ve discussed, Toledo is a microcosm of most everything wrong with the country: aggressive ignorance, contageous apathy, entitlement mentalities, Union thuggery united in unholy matrimony to political generosity via the boar-hogging of the taxpayer (the Under-Served don’t seem to mind much).

    Truly remarkable are the reactions of the special interest types. Not their revealed comments per se but how oblivious they are to their Prejudice On Parade.A review of the “Comments” section of the Blade shows the symbiotic relationship between newspaper and Reader – not unlike the functional reality between bird and hippopotamus or anal sphincter and fecal matter. Such is the yin – yang of Toledo.

  2. Jim January 15, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    Brian, after that last analogy, it’s a good thing that you have much loftier culinary tendencies.