Archive | February 15, 2011

Video – My CPAC Patriot Act Bash (and Jacob Hornberger’s Speech)

FFF “Repeal the PATRIOT Act!” Roundtable from CPAC 2011 from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo. Here’s the video from Saturday’s CPAC forum, sponsored by Campaign for Liberty. Ivan Eland did an excellent job of moderating. My speech was probably about 15 minutes. Hornberger followed and gave the best speech I have ever seen […]

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Video – Me & Jacob Hornberger Thumping Conservative Statists

Jacob Hornberger Show from CPAC 2011 with James Bovard from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo. From the Future of Freedom Foundation: This edition of the Jacob Hornberger Show was recorded at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 11, 2011. Jacob and special guest James Bovard discuss “Why Do Conservatives Support Statism?” The […]

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