Archive | March 21, 2011

MP3 of Interview on Libyan War with Katherine Albrecht

Katherine Albrecht and I had a fine time thrashing Obama & crew for their Libyan fiasco. You can listen to the @ 20 minute interview by clicking on the following: 20110321_mon_albrecht2 It was great to hear Katherine in such high spirits and full of vim and vigor today. She is going through some very challenging […]

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On Katherine Albrecht Show Today (3/21) at 5:05 pm

I will be on the Katherine Albrecht Show today at 5:05 pm, paying my respects to Obama’s Libyan debacle. You can listen live by clicking on the Radio link here. Katherine, the author of SpyChips, is a great host. She is a rarity because of her ability to present pro-freedom ideas with grace and charm.

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Obama’s Mushroom Cloud Legacy

  For years, we have heard that Obama is different than other politicians – wiser, more compassionate, more prudent. Bull. Blowing the hell out of Libya settles any doubts about whether Obama is simply another deluded ruler who will use power however he pleases to burnish his reputation. Obama is simply a high-falutin’ version of […]

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