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Osama Takedown: Biggest Crock of S**t Yet?

Biggest Crock of S**t Yet: “It’s Important to Remember that This was a Covert Operation,” sez Pentagon spokesdude, on the reason for withholding details on Osama’s “resistance” during Sunday’s takedown. Except for the BS the U.S. government shovels to make itself look heroic. The quote is from this Wash. Post story.

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Feds: Watch Out for Radicalized Individuals!

The Department of Homeland Security has warned landlords in the DC area “to be looking out for the radicalized individual,” according to Peggy Jeffers, of the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington Inc. DHS sent out the warning to apartment and building managers on Sunday evening, the same time that Obama announced Osama’s […]

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