Archive | July 11, 2011

Now Officially a Twit – Twitter Feed

So, on top of my other bad habits, now I am tweeting. The phrase that is normally used here is — “You can follow my tweets by going to – …” To be honest, that seems a bit farcical. Too ludicrous to qualify as “grandiose.” Much of whatever I tweet will also be on […]

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MP3 of Today’s Zippety Interview with WBAL’s Ron Smith

WBAL’s Ron Smith and I had a rowdy time today paying our respects to the food stamp program. Ron has been doing talk radio for almost 30 years, so he appreciates policy absurdities far better than most hosts. You can hear the @10 minute interview by clicking (or downloading) this link – ron-smith-show-7-11-2011-jim-bovard-food-stamps

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