Archive | March 28, 2012

Los Angeles Times: Ludicrious Constitutional Linchpin for ObamaCare

Los Angeles Times, March 29, 2012 Op-Ed First wheat, now healthcare A Supreme Court ruling on New Deal farm policies has relevance today. By James Bovard The Obama administration is relying heavily on a 1942 Supreme Court case to sway today’s justices as they consider the constitutionality of compelling Americans to buy health insurance. The […]

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Bashing the Federal Reserve and the Sinking Dollar

From an interview with Press TV: James Bovard, policy advisor for The Future of Freedom Foundation says the U.S. currency “has lost 90 percent of its value” since the early 1900s when the Federal Reserve was created. It is understandable that foreign nations are now “leery” of the dollar and are shifting away from the […]

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