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The Folly of Federal Job Training

From the May issue of The Freeman… The Folly of Federal Training by James Bovard his State of the Union address President Obama proposed an array of new federal job training programs. This was one of the more popular facets of his speech, and the usual media cheerleaders swooned. However, Uncle Sam has a long […]

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Guernica: 75th Anniversary – Back When Bombing Civilians was an Atrocity

This is the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica. Indignation about bombing civilians seems like such a historic relic. Unfortunately, this atrocity seems to have been almost completely forgotten in the United States. Perhaps the last time that the most famous momento of that slaughter got any attention was when Colin Powell was shilling […]

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Congratulations to Julian Heicklen on his Jury Nullification Triumph

Congratulations to Julian Heicklen for his heroic federal court victory on the right to notify on jury nullification. Julian, an 80-year-old retired chemistry professor, has been crusading on this issue for many years. He has braved numerous arrests and suffered a vast amount of abuse. Federal judge Kimba Woods ruled yesterday that the federal charges […]

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OFCCP Chief Denies Imposing Hiring Quotas

OFCCP chief Patricia Shiu responded to my attack on her agency in the Wall Street Journal. Shiu denies that the agency seeks to impose hiring quotas for the disabled. But the agency has always denied that it imposed racial and gender quotas – and federal contractors know that that is a load of hooey. The […]

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