Archive | January 4, 2013

DinkelAcker Beer Returns to America!

Three years ago, I conveyed the sad tidings that my favorite pilsner beer would no longer be exported from Germany to the United States.  Fellow DinkelAcker enthusiast Jon Notz alerted me earlier this week that he had learned that DA would soon commence exporting again to the U.S.  An email from DA’s export director, Christian […]

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Federal Judge Entitles Obama to Lie About Killing Americans

A federal judge has entitled the Obama administration to lie about killing Americans. This is the assured result of a recent ruling permitting continued secrecy about Obama’s assassination program.  Judge Colleen McMahon bewailed the “veritable Catch-22” of rules that permit the Obama administration to declare legal “actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution […]

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Scott Horton on Public Policy Hooligan

Champion talk show hell-raiser Scott Horton and I had a rowdy time on his radio show a few weeks ago discussing Public Policy Hooligan.  Scott emailed me his thoughts on the book yesterday:  “James Bovard’s work has been officially condemned by the leaders of virtually every federal government agency and political hack of every stripe. They hate […]

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