Archive | January 31, 2013

Poaching the Onion’s Memoir Marketing Spiel

So I’m thinking of poaching this great Onion marketing spiel for their edition of Joe Biden’s memoirs – “Q: Should you spend $2.99 on “Diamond” Joe Biden’s memoirs or on cheap booze? A: Spend $5.98, read memoirs drunk” Public Policy Hooligan is currently $6.99 – maybe that still counts as cheap booze? It’s been a […]

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Chuck Hagel’s “Telescope Problem”

I’m amazed at the attacks on Chuck Hagel as unfit for Defense Secretary because he was a mere “enlisted man.” For instance, a National Review online columnist snipped: “First enlisted man to head the Pentagon? Who better to run America’s international war effort than a guy whose view of the military was through the wrong end of […]

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