Front Royal Classmate Reviews Public Policy Hooligan

John Strickler, one of the sharpest guys in my Warren County High School Class of ’74, posted a review of Public Policy Hooligan on Amazon today. John titled his review – “From bold youngster to policy brat.” That “bold youngster” tag for my Front Royal time was charitable – there were plenty of other labels that could have fit me that would be NSFW. I much appreciate his reading and kindly reviewing the book – even though it had one or two lines that the Front Royal Chamber of Commerce might not want to quote.

Very entertaining yarn of one man’s odyssey from smart-aleck kid to an adult who challenges stupidity in all things, especially government. It shows that not everybody follows the same pre-fab path to success, but can get there nevertheless. An added bonus for me was the fact that I grew up in the same area as Bovard, and could identify with many of the sites and situations of his early life.

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