Archive | February 11, 2013

Obama’s Drones Wittily Impaled on Twitter

Someone started a thread on Twitter yesterday with the hashtag #TheBestThingsAboutObamasDrones Here are some of the most amusing zingers thus far – The Best Things About Obama’s Drones is…. @poor_richard …they eliminate the need to read an American citizen their miranda rights @CanadianBacon_2 if they turn out like the Volt, they’ll probably crash into the […]

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My Hungarian Illusion – the Mixed Economy Follies

Redux – Here’s a piece I did for the Freeman in 1987 on the “Hungarian Illusion.” Brian Summers was the Freeman’s editor back then, and he was excellent to deal with. (This is the pre-edit version of the text. The full text is no longer available online from FEE.) THE HUNGARIAN ILLUSION by James Bovard […]

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