Economist Pierre Lemieux Reviews Public Policy Hooligan

Pierre Lemieux, the author of The Public Debt Problem and one of the most principled and eloquent economists around, posted his thoughts on Amazon on Public Policy Hooligan earlier today. Here’s his take:

A great defender of our liberties, February 25, 2013
By Pierre Lemieux (Portland Maine) -Public Policy Hooligan (Kindle Edition)

The problem with this book is that you can’t skim through it: you are always pulled into a paragraph, and the following one, and so forth. Bovard’s memoir is fun and full of great remarks about life and about our rulers. For example, about life: “I learned to see minor hardships as transaction costs for great adventures.” About our rulers: “While President Reagan perennially praised freedom, the federal government became far more intrusive, arbitrary, and punitive.” Not to speak about the finer things in life: “While living alone at Walden, Thoreau declamed, ‘Chastity is the flowering of man’.” But wait until you see what happened on a bike ride across Candy Cane City… Bovard is politically astute: travelling through Eastern Europe in the 1980s, he saw, and wrote in the New York Times, that these countries were “much closer to economic collapse than most westerners realize.” Chronicling his life, Bovard shows how many things that were innocent four decades ago are now matters of zero tolerance and criminal indictment. The author of “Public Policy Hooligan” is a great defender of our liberties (or what’s left of them).


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