Funny Comments on WSJ “Rotten Tomatoes” Article

The Wall Street Journal piece on USDA’s billion dollar bonanza for “discrimination” victims is generating funny comments on the WSJ website. Here’s a sample:

Diane Eicher: “Veggies. I would have planted more but ran out of pots. A loan would have increased the output. Where’s the money?”

Chris Henry: “I’m pretty sure my wife sold a pony back in 1982… we’re going to have to get busy filling out that loan paperwork! Thank you Owebama!”

Joe Thompson: “My wife planted 2 apple trees. Surely that constitutes a fruit farm.”

Joe Burgee: “Plus you get a free phone just for filing your claim!”

Paul Watson: “I was thinking of selling a horse once. Does that count?”

Stephen Cooke: “I wonder if Elizabeth Warren has applied for a payout?”

And from talk show host Brian Wilson –  “‘Even that number [of farms] probably is inflated because anyone who sells more than $1,000 in agricultural commodities—the equivalent of 150 bushels of wheat, or one horse—is categorized as if he were a bona fide farmer.’   How about if you sold 150 bushels of horse excrement from one horse? Wouldn’t that categorize one as a bona fide Congressman? Senator? Bureaucrat?”



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