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Don’t Scapegoat Freedom for Leviathan’s Failures

Listening to the media touting Obama around the clock reminded me of a piece I wrote for Sheldon Richman, editor of the Freeman, five years ago. Unfortunately, the media and intellectuals are playing the same bunkum games now that they did under the previous president. Here are some one-liners plucked from the following article: * […]

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My Wall St. Jrn. Retort: Harvesting without Sowing

The Wall Street Journal published my letter responding to the Pigford class action lawyers today: Harvesting Without Trying to Sow In their March 27 response to my “Rotten Tomatoes for a Billion-Dollar Farm Payout,” Philip Fraas and David Frantz, the lead counsel for the Pigford case, disparage the notion that many black claimants merely “attempted […]

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