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Claire Wolfe reviews Public Policy Hooligan on Amazon

Notorious freedom writer & hell-raiser Claire Wolfe just posted a very generous review of Public Policy Hooligan on Amazon And he really is a hooligan, too. 😉 By Claire Wolfe “freedom writer” Jim Bovard has written an amazingly cheerful memoir of how he went from being a good, authority-respecting Boy Scout to being the bane […]

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More Bush-Inspired Epigrams for his Library Day

In honor of Bush’s library dedication today, here are some more epigrams he inspired from Terrorism & Tyranny (Palgrave, 2003) Killing foreigners is no substitute for protecting Americans. Habeas corpus is an insurance policy to prevent governments from going berserk. Perpetual war inevitably begets perpetual repression. It is impossible to destroy all alleged enemies of […]

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Bush Betrayal Epigrams – in honor of Library Day

Down in Texas, the George W. Bush Library will be officially opened today.  In honor of the occasion, here’s a few epigrams from my 2004 book, The Bush Betrayal: Truth is a lagging indicator in politics. The arrogance of power is the best hope for the survival of freedom. The only way to reconcile the […]

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Rand Paul Vindicated on Drones & Liquor Stores

  It is always painful for me to admit that I was wrong.  But maybe  I was mistaken to be skeptical about Sen. Rand Paul’s recent assertion during a Fox News interview: “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash, I don’t care if a Drone kills […]

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