Playing Around with a Book Cover Collage


For cover headers on Twitter & Facebook, I hear tell that authors are supposed to use book covers.

This is my first swing at putting them together.

I will probably be using the collage in slots that are 30-40% smaller than the above slice.

I welcome suggestions on how to make this look… uh…. better.


2 Responses to Playing Around with a Book Cover Collage

  1. Tom Blanton December 28, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    Jim, if you or someone you know knows how to make animated gifs, it might be kind of
    cool just to have all the books in a sequence that changes every few seconds – just long
    enough to read the cover. This would give you a larger space for each book to make it
    easier to see.

    There’s probably some sort of open source free software available to make these gifs, but
    I don’t know. Years ago I did know someone who wasn’t too bright that was able to make
    animated gifs, so even nitwits can do it.

    You might even be able to sneak in subliminal messages between the book shots.

    You might need to check if Facebook and Twitter have any kind of sizing or compression
    going on when you upload images – this might not work with an animated gif.

    • Jim December 28, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

      Thanks, Tom. I have never been accused of being a non-nitwit, software-wise, so maybe I will take a swing at that.

      Facebook is a huge @#$@# as far as this type of thing – Twitter not so much.