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Latest Foreign Aid Fiasco: Afghanistan’s Killer Roads

Going back nigh 30 years, I have always been deeply pained when people accuse me of being cynical about U.S. foreign aid.   At least my breakfast was nicely spiced this morning by a  Washington Post front page story – “After billions in U.S. investment, Afghan roads are falling apart.”  The highways that the U.S. spent billions […]

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Holder and NSA Must Confess Guilt Before Clemency Talks

Attorney General Eric Holder & NSA poohbahs should be required to plead guilty before starting any clemency talks with Snowden.  Otherwise, how can Snowden know that the Obama administration is negotiating in good faith? How many violations of federal law has the NSA committed since January 20, 2009?  How many NSA crimes has Eric Holder […]

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Voting Rights as Bogus Panaceas

From the Future of Freedom Foundation (October 2013) VOTING RIGHTS AS BOGUS PANACEAS by James Bovard The Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act last June. “Liberals” were horrified and reacted as if the Civil War had been fought in vain. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg denounced the decision for […]

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daily-cartoon-140116-465 voting yes regardless

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy: Democracy in Egypt

A front page Washington Post piece revealed today that Hillary Clinton is racing to finish her memoir so that she can define her legacy in time for her 2016 presidential run. Shortly after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she promised to reform foreign aid. Egypt has gotten billions of aid in the meantime – […]

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Obama’s NSA Reform Malarkey Nailed by Ted Rall

s “From this room to that room” is about the kindest thing that can be said about Obama’s proposed spying safeguards. The “Department of Public Trust” was a nice touch by Ted Rall. Lots of excellent articles around the Internet debunking Obama’s Friday speech on NSA reform – almost too many to count, actually. I […]

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How Many NSA Lies Will Be Necessary to Restore Trust in Govt.?

  How many more lies about surveillance will Obama need to tell to restore trust in government? I was disappointed in Obama’s speech because I thought he might waive sovereign immunity & let Americans sue the government for NSA crimes. On the bright side, I don’t need to spend the afternoon looking for a lawyer […]

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