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Libertarian Hooliganism with Mark Edge on Free Talk Live

I was on the Mark Edge Free Talk Live radio show last Saturday night. Mark and his cohost Ian Freeman were broadcasting live from the New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Nashua. Mark Edge was the best dressed radio host I ever met – I was almost tempted to removed my railroad engineer cap in honor […]

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Zesty Times at New Hampshire Liberty Forum

I gave a couple talks at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum last week. This is a program of the Free State Project – and it was great to see how much further the Free Staters have gotten since the last time I visited New Hampshire. These folks are putting their shoulder behind making freedom a […]

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Broader View of my 1990 Office Chaos

There is the NSFW acronym. Is there a snappy equivalent for NSFNYT —  Not Suitable for the New York Times? Following up on yesterday’s post on the New York Times “Writer’s Rooms” pictorial – here’s a broader take on my 1990 office.  (Thanks for the nudge, Tom Blanton). Joyce Carol Oates would definitely not have been […]

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New York Times’ Perverse Perspective on Writers’ Rooms

  The New York Times has an unintentionally hilarious series of photos of “The Writer’s Room” – the personal spaces where five authors write their books. Joyce Carol Oates (pictured at left) sez: “Like all writers, I have made my writing room a sanctuary of the soul.” Geez. None of these folks seem to appreciate […]

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FBI Warning Omits Season’s Biggest Predators

The FBI issued a Valentine’s Day themed-press release warning of the danger of online dating scams: “Millions of Americans visit online dating websites every year hoping to find a companion or even a soulmate. But as Valentine’s Day gets closer, we want to warn you that criminals use these sites, too, looking to turn the lonely and […]

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Public Policy Hooligan Reviewed by San Diego’s Bob Sale

 Bob Sale, a Canadian drummer living in San Diego, kindly posted a review of Public Policy Hooligan on Amazon yesterday: Memoirs of A(nother) Superfluous Man  It’s always a joy and personally helpful to read the memoirs and realization of the imperative for individual liberty from someone who’s been at the center of the storm. Such […]

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