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Nashville Tennessean Denounces My Cynicism

An editorial headlined, “Your Time is Coming – Make it Count”  in Sunday’s Nashville Tennessean denounced my bad attitude: Staunch libertarian James Bovard cynically decries efforts to promote participation in elections, saying, “Trumpeting the importance of voting deludes people into thinking that they have a leash on the government.” We could not more vehemently disagree. […]

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Will Obama Whitewash Every War – Even World War One?!?

Few things are more dangerous than permitting presidents to sacralize pointless wars. In his visit to the Flanders Field Cemetery in Belgium, Obama saluted the soldiers who died in World War One – “the soldiers who manned the trenches were united by something larger — a willingness to fight, and die, for the freedom that […]

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Supreme Court Rebuffs Ruinous Raisin Regime

From the Future of Freedom Foundation – A Supreme Rebuff for Ruinous Raisin Regime by James Bovard The Supreme Court in June finally opened the door for farmers to escape from one of the most dictatorial bureaucratic regimes in the federal government. But it remains to be seen whether farmers will secure freedom and justice […]

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Hobby Lobby: Self-Respecting Rednecks Pay for Own Condoms

As a self-respecting redneck, I’ve always insisted on paying for my own condoms. I am continually amazed at how the ObamaCare compulsory contraception coverage mandate is being portrayed. The Washington Post’s Tom Toles does some great cartoons.  But I suspect many Post subscribers instinctively equate a lack of subsidized contraception with human sacrifice.  

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Did Egypt Adapt the FBI/Waco Model of Justice?

  The New York Times reports today: “A criminal court here sentenced 529 people to death on Monday after a single session of their mass trial, convicting them of murder for the killing of a police officer in the city of Minya during riots after the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim […]

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FBI Exonerates Agent who Killed Unarmed Chechen During Interrogation

My faith in American justice has been restored. An FBI review found that the FBI agent who killed a Chechen in Florida last year followed all the bureau’s protocols for shooting an unarmed suspect during an interrogation. “Nothing to see here, folks – move along.” My liberal friends told me that the feds would behave better […]

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Another Excellent Confederate General Throttled By Nitwit Superiors

The New York Times has an excellent article today by Prof. Terry Jones on the 1864 Red River Campaign. Unlike most articles on the Civil War, it bluntly depicts the crimes and wanton destruction committed by the invaders against civilians. Confederate general Richard Taylor fought brilliantly and completely flummoxed the northern army under Gen. Nathaniel Banks. Taylor had […]

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