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Cynicism and Rodney Dangerfield Get No Respect

Is the denigration of cynicism simply a trick to spawn mass gullibility? Maybe it is only a coincidence that the people who denounce cynicism the loudest are politicians seeking more power. President Richard Nixon declared on April 30, 1973, the day his top White House aides resigned over their role in the Watergate scandal, “I […]

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Most Absurd Government Job Title?

I notice from a tagline in today’s Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon has a “deputy assistant secretary of defense for rule of law and detainee policy.” What is next? The Labor Department appointing a “deputy assistant secretary for making government employees do a lick of work”?

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Obama’s Torture Coverup Unraveling?

Since his first months in office, Obama has spared almost no effort to cover-up the torture atrocities committed during the George W. Bush presidency. But it may no longer be possible to sweep the corpses and the manacles under the rug. (I wrote about Obama’s early torture coverups here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.)  […]

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Blogging Not a Survival Skill???

I’m a big fan of Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitor cartoon but this one has me completely mystified. I just assumed that everyone always wanted to hear bloggers’ keen observations.

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AmeriCorps: Idealistic Triumph or Usual Buffoonery?

From the November 2013 issue of the Future of Freedom (published by FFF) AmeriCorps: Idealistic Triumph or Usual Buffoonery? by James Bovard National service is the latest fashionable panacea for all that ails America. Time magazine ran a July cover story, “How Service Can Save Us,” on the potential benefits of pressing all young people […]

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Video – My Speech on “Obama’s Reign Of Constitutional Terror”

The fine folks at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum are placing online videos of the speeches at last week’s conference.  Here’s the first talk I gave (the “Libertarian Hooligan” speech should be online later). As I was going through the TSA checkpoint last Sunday at the Manchester, NH airport, I was cross-examined by a TSA […]

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