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How Should We Baptize Politicians?

Sarah Palin declared last weekend that “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”  Her remark has justifiably been condemned far and wide. But how should we baptize politicians?  If suspected terrorists deserve to be tortured, what should we do with a class of people who perennially ravage our rights and liberties? [image from]

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Celebrating Freedom Fighter Jon Utley’s 80th Birthday

  Jon Utley, the publisher of American Conservative and one of the most dedicated and principled pro-freedom and antiwar activists in the nation, celebrated his 80th birthday last month. Hundreds of folks gathered at D.C.’s Metropolitan Club to hear him speak about his life and to hear tributes from a dozen speakers ranging from Human Events […]

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Wash. Times: “Truth Will Prevail” – a Costly Govt. Fairy Tale

Washington Times, April 25, 2014 BOVARD: ‘Truth will prevail’ — a costly government fairy tale by James Bovard The Supreme Court heard lawyers wrangle Tuesday over an Ohio law that criminalizes false statements about political candidates. The justices were skeptical if not scornful of the efforts by Ohio and 14 other states to create “ministries […]

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Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War

From the January 2014 issue of The Future of Freedom (from the Future of Freedom Foundation) Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War by James Bovard The Obama administration tottered on the edge of launching a cruise missile attack on Syria this past August and September. Obama hesitated and decided to seek congressional approval before […]

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Why TSA Screeners Hate Me: Mystery Solved

I have always wondered why TSA screeners seem to target me (especially after I cuss ’em a bit).  Now I realize that I have to buy new luggage to allay Official Fears.  OK, maybe I could also try to stop radiating sedition. But that is practically the only redeeming fun when flying nowadays. Admittedly, I have had […]

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My Easter Rabbit Domestic Terrorist Training Gig

OK, I wasn’t an Easter Rabbit.  I was a Beatrix Potter promotion rabbit.  But rabbits are rabbits dammit. And as Attorney General John Ashcroft always said, “terror is terror.” The following is from the section of “Playing Left Field in Boston” chapter of Public Policy Hooligan on the various jobs I did to pay the rent.  That chapter uses […]

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