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White House Press Secretary Fired for Lying?

My headline is a joke – as anyone who peruses this blog would recognize.  Misleading the American people is the most important part of the White House press secretary’s job description. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney resigned today.  Has  anyone keep track of the number of 3-star and 4-star howlers he told defending Obama? I exploited […]

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Coming Soon? America’s Tomb of the Unknown Democracy

This Tom Toles’ cartoon from the Wash. Post nicely captures the latest election absurdities in Egypt. We don’t have ancient pyramids in this country, but the ruling class is similarly imposing layer after layer of BS on elections. Many Americans already believe that we have an “unknown democracy.” How many absurdities can a democratic system […]

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My Wash. Times Op-ed: Obama’s Racial Profiling in Schools

Washington Times, May 29, 2014 Obama’s Racial Profiling in the Classroom by James Bovard President Obama and his appointees are hailing this month’s 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark school-desegregation decision, Brown vs. Board of Education. Mr. Obama proclaimed that “we must continue striving toward equal opportunities for all our children” and “reaffirm our […]

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Freedom Fighter Jon Utley Tribute Video Now Online

I blogged a few weeks ago about the tribute gathering for the 80th birthday of Jon Utley, the publisher of American Conservative and one of the most dedicated and principled pro-freedom and antiwar activists in the nation.   The Committee for the Republic  and the Empire Salon have now placed online the video from that event.  There […]

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Health Care Hostage to Bureaucrats: Everyone’s “VA Future”

      This New Yorker “daily cartoon” by Mick Stevens was sparked by the Veterans Administration scandal. But this is  the future of our  entire health care system thanks to ObamaCare and an avalanche of federal subsidies and mandates starting half a century ago.   Here’s a link to a great NPR interview with two of my […]

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My Wall St. Journal op-ed on The Great Raisin Robbery

Why the California Raisins Have Stopped Singing Using 1930s-era regulations, the USDA can commandeer up to half a farmer’s harvest. by James Bovard     Wall Street Journal   May 27, 2014 Earlier this month the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the U.S. Department of Agriculture taking 47% of a farmer’s harvest does not […]

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New Republic Perverse Notion of

New Republic Gets Libertarians All Wrong

I don’t know about other political skeptics, but I certainly don’t recognize myself in this New Republic portrayal of folks who distrust the government.  I’ve never taken an AR-15 to bed even when I was liquored up bad. And choosing Cass Sunstein to review Richard Epstein is a hoot. I first sparred with Sunstein when he […]

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