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My USA Today Op-Ed on Obama’s Racial Profiling in the Classroom

 USA TODAY, May 9, 2014 Education goals are getting resegregated by James Bovard States set lower standards for blacks. Only 7% of black high school seniors are proficient in math, compared with 33% of white students, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress scores released Wednesday. The reading gap is larger. The math achievement […]

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Bravo North Carolina! Congrats to Walter Jones on Primary Win

Bravo North Carolina! Rep. Walter Jones survived a Republican primary challenger who was heavily bankrolled by the Emergency Committee for Israel and other groups and endorsed by Sarah Palin. Jones is one of the most honorable Republicans on foreign policy and has been tight with Ron Paul for years. After initially supporting the Iraq War […]

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My 2 Cents on Obama Administration Destroying Jobs

As I was getting ready to race out the door for a tromp yesterday morning, I got a call from Press TV.  Would I comment on the latest jobs report?  What the heck – it was almost 9 a.m., and I had not yet vented that day.  (I wonder if there could be any misunderstandings from […]

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My Wash. Times Op-Ed: Obama’s War on Watchdogs

Washington Times, May 2, 2014 Obama’s War on Watchdogs by James Bovard A Senate report last week revealed that the Obama administration utterly debilitated the inspector general for the Homeland Security Department. Charles Edwards, the acting IG from early 2011 till last December, toadied to Obama appointees at every opportunity — stifling reports, deleting damning […]

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Washington Post: Warmongering Doesn’t Pay

It is regrettable that the Washington Post’s editorials on foreign policy are rarely as profound as its editorial cartoons. Someone could easily compile a list of Washington Post editorials and guest articles by bellicose nitwits urging U.S. preemptive strikes for each venue that Tom Toles lists in this ‘toon. *** On Twitter @jimbovard

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