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Chalk Line Fever by Tom Blanton

Tom Blanton of the Project for the New American Revolution does some of the best political artwork in the country. Here’s his latest – an updated version of one of my childhood favorites entitled CHALK LINE FEVER. You can see some of his other work at his Flickr page here.

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WSJ 1992: The Second Murder of Crazy Horse (Beer)

The hubbub over the anniversary of Custer and the Little Big Horn reminded me of the time a couple decades ago when some Sioux Indians were on the warpath against me because of this Wall Street Journal article.   I think there were other letters to the editor beside the one below  from tearjerk queen congresswoman […]

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Washington Times: Blighting Youth with Bogus Government Jobs

Washington Times         June 26, 2014 Hurting youths with government make-work summer ‘jobs’ Public employment teaches the wrong kind of work ethic By James Bovard The District of Columbia’s Summer Youth Employment Program starts June 30 and continues through Aug. 8. D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray is attempting to avoid the front-page bureaucratic train wrecks that […]

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Happy Custer Massacre Day!

UPDATE:  Counterpunch reposted this essay on June 26 and posted it on the 28th.’s J.D. Tuccille discussed the piece in an article on the Hit & Run blog,  and a couple folks at blog kindly gave it a plug. EconomicPolicyJournal also posted a big chunk of it.   I appreciate all the comments and the bevy […]

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Counterpunch: Medals of Freedom vs. America’s Freedom

   June 25, 2014 The Medals of Freedom vs. America’s Freedom by JAMES BOVARD For almost 50 years, politicians have used Medals of Freedom to reward their henchmen who started wars or subverted freedom.  Prior to the 1960s, the U.S. government avoided the temptation to distribute nonmilitary awards by the bucket. However, in 1963, President […]

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FFF: Freedom vs. Medals of Freedom

From the Future of Freedom Foundation’s monthly journal – Freedom vs. Medals of Freedom by James Bovard Though proximity to power is its own reward, rulers have long recognized the benefit of distributing trinkets to potential sycophants. From medieval times onwards, the English king was seen as the “fount of all honors.” The British government […]

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USA Today: An FDA War on Cheap Cigars?

  USA Today     June 22, 2014 Cigar smokers, watch out: Column by James Bovard Does FDA really believe that only those who can afford ‘premiums’ should be exempt? During Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, Vice President Thomas Marshall declared, “What this country needs is a good 5 cent cigar.” The Obama administration is striving to update that […]

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