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Wash. Times: Our Cluster Bomb Congress Plants Legislative IEDs

Washington Times, April 16, 2014 BOVARD Our cluster-bomb Congress plants legislative IEDs Arcane laws lie dormant until exploding under unsuspecting Americans by James Bovard Tens of thousands of Americans have been bushwhacked by a single arcane sentence in a 673-page law Congress enacted six years ago. The Internal Revenue Service is seizing both federal and […]

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20 Years Ago: The Growing IRS Dictatorship (Wall Street Journal)

The IRS did not start its mischief recently.  Here’s a piece of mine published on April 14, 1994 – Wall Street Journal  -The Growing IRS Dictatorship By James Bovard A Gallup Poll released last week found that two-thirds of Americans believe that the Internal Revenue Service abuses its power. Yet few people realize exactly how […]

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Anti-Taxation Epigrams from Lost Rights

Income Tax Day spurred me to dip back into Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (St. Martin’s, 1994) and pluck out a few lines from the “Taxing and Tyrannizing” chapter  that sought to capture the essence of the IRS and contemporary taxation: *The federal tax system turns individuals into sharecroppers of their own lives. […]

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