Public Policy Hooligan on Gard Goldsmith’s Liberty Conspiracy Radio Show

Gardner Goldsmith, the host of the Liberty Conspiracy talk show on the Free Talk Live network, kindly had me on his show last week to talk about Public Policy Hooligan and various political shenanigans. I met Gard nine years ago when I spoke in New Hampshire at the Free State Project’s Porcfest, and it was a real pleasure to see him again last week at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum. The show lasted about an hour; unfortunately, we didn’t have time to get into a zesty discussion about our experiences with Boston women. (Gard went to Boston University, I lived in Boston for awhile in the late 1970s.) Gard never got stabbed in Boston, as far as I understood his comments. Congratulations to Gard on the publication of his novel – Bite. It is available in hard copy in the United Kingdom and on Amazon in the U.S. (A print version of the novel will soon be coming in the U.S.).

You can hear or download the MP3 audio at this link. Here is Gard’s summary of the show:

Big thanks to James Bovard for joining us prior to his appearance in New Hampshire at the NH Liberty Forum! In this program, James talks to us about some of his strange experiences (like getting thrown out of the Supreme Court), and his memoir, “Public Policy Hooligan”, now available on Kindle! Look for James at and find his books there or at Amazon!

Many thanks to James for the conversation and his work fighting the state and defending freedom!

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