Zesty Times at New Hampshire Liberty Forum

I gave a couple talks at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum last week. This is a program of the Free State Project – and it was great to see how much further the Free Staters have gotten since the last time I visited New Hampshire. These folks are putting their shoulder behind making freedom a reality, and it is bracing to see.

Some folks in the audience kindly tweeted during my talks, and here’s some of the lines they zipped out. I’m especially obliged to Dan Alban – the Institute for Justice lawyer who whipped the IRS in federal appeals court a few weeks ago. Brian Lewis was most helpful with both speeches – especially when he asked about the Boston knife woman.

Most of the following lines are spinoffs from stories in the speech from my new memoir, Public Policy Hooligan (available as an e-book for $6.95 from Amazon).

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One Response to Zesty Times at New Hampshire Liberty Forum

  1. Jamesmmm February 26, 2014 at 7:31 am #

    Government is like cancer and will never stop growing…I can’t figure out which is worse the local gov’t that witnesses our perennial pain everyday or the feds, who take so much of the cash from afar…here’s a link to an appeal I wrote to NSA in which I requested to know why they were targetting me http://1drv.ms/1eULayq the name of the document is “NSA fears Budget cuts more than terror” and asks why a true patriot would be classified as an enemy….thanks let me know what you think (PS: renenber that friends, and family can turn against US if those are related to govt employees. Also, since govt has all these job programs, there are more wannabees than ever before