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Confederate John S. Mosby’s Great Berryville Wagon Train Raid

On this day 150 years ago, John S. Mosby’s Rangers attacked a wagon train delivering supplies to Union General Phil Sheridan.  I will write more about Mosby next month pegged to the 150th anniversary of Union General George S. Custer’s hanging of six of Mosby’s men in my hometown, Front Royal Virginia. I will also […]

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Obama Foreign Policy Maxim Actually Not Bad

According to Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration’s guiding maxim for foreign policy was “Don’t do stupid shit.” But if that was their lodestar, why did they ever hire Hillary as Secretary of State? Hillary would also have been disqualified for that job if the Obama team relied on Google’s (former) motto: “Don’t be evil.” If the […]

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Obama Bombs Iraq to Mark Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Anniversary

This week is the 50th anniversary of the infamous Gulf of Tonkin anniversary.  Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and President Johnson conned Congress into giving a blank check for war. Politicians have been lying the nation into war ever since (and before, for that matter).  President Obama yesterday announced that he was ordering bombing attacks on […]

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Wash. Times: Bill Clinton’s Body Snatching Legacy in Kosovo

Washington Times, August 5, 2014 When the spoils of war are human organs by James Bovard Bill Clinton’s Kosovo ‘freedom fighters’ trafficked in body parts Former President Bill Clinton continues to be feted around the world as a progressive champion of human rights. However, a European Union task force last week confirmed that the ruthless […]

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