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Brian Wilson’s New Podcast Subscription Service

Libertarian talk-show legend Brian Wilson is launching a new podcast subscription service next month.  Brian is one of the best interviewers in the business and he has become more hardline with each passing year.  Here is the spiel from the launch/subscription page – which also includes an amusing 4 minute video pitch: Brian Wilson – Libertas […]

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Wash. Times: Obama’s Phony Foreign Aid Reforms

Washington Times, October 29, 2014 Obama’s phony foreign-aid reform The president boosts aid spending rather than fixing its flaws By James Bovard Four years ago, President Obama promised in a United Nations speech to “change the way we do business” with foreign aid and “seek partners who want to build their own capacity to provide […]

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IRS “Structuring” Robberies Go Back Decades – Playboy 1996

The New York Times had an excellent piece on Sunday on the IRS pilfering people whose bank account deposits were deemed “suspicious” – based on the shabbiest pretexts. (The Institute of Justice, which is doing great work on asset forfeiture, provided much of the research for the piece.) This abuse has been ongoing for decades. Here’s […]

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Counterpunch: Obama’s Hypocritcal Crusade Against Extremism

Counterpunch, October 28, 2014 Obama’s Hypocritical Crusade Against Extremism by JAMES BOVARD In his speech last month to the United Nations, President Obama summoned foreign leaders to join his “campaign against extremism.” Obama has repeatedly invoked the “extremist” threat to justify attacking abroad and seizing more power at home since taking office in 2009. But […]

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Needed: High Tech Barking at the Moon

This cartoon from the new issue of the New Yorker makes me wonder if I should be relying on more sophisticated technology to get my message across. This reminds me of one of the best cartoons from one of my favorite cartoonists, Sam Gross – That same question haunts many political activists & reformers I […]

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Thanks to Property Rights Foundation of America & Carol LaGrasse

I tromped to Albany this past weekend to give the closing spiel at the annual Property Rights Foundation of America conference.  Carol LaGrasse, the chief of the foundation, is one of my heroes.  She has done great work for many years fighting back against government oppression.   She has awakened legions of folks to how private […]

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Obama’s ISIS / Syrian War Operation Heap of Crap

Obama’s anti-ISIS /Syria war is officially named Operation Inherent Resolve. I suppose the name “Operation Heap of Crap” was already taken? Below are a couple photos of the U.S.-led bombing of the Syrian city of Kobane.  Luckily, the Obama administration is doing pinpoint bombing so that only extremists are being killed.  

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