Police and their Sisyphean Struggle

I’ve seen a lot of unsympathetic comments on law enforcement on the Internet recently. But this great cartoon from the new issue of the New Yorker captures the Sisyphean struggle that haunts police nowadays. Below is a collage of photos I took at DC demonstrations between 2005 and 2007. The individual photos are reposted below.

And below are photos I took of a police cyclist during 2007 Police Week in DC and a photo I snapped at a 2005 antiwar march.

cartoon cops donuts new yorker 150727_a18404-600



jpb photo cop at anti war demo sept 2007 1391332229_c755cba140_b

jpb police honor guard 375727963_6cda2a4433_z jpb photo police biker 506673162_82f8d2aa86_z

Hat tip to Lawrence Ludlow for suggesting posting these photos




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