LISTEN LIVE: Targeting TSA on San Fran Radio 12/27

I will be on the Bob Zadek show on Sunday, 12/27, at Noon Eastern on Talk 910 AM in San Francisco.  You can listen live by clicking here.  I will post an MP3 of the interview after the show.

Bob is a libertarian firebrand with a lively sense of humor; his show’s motto is “ideas not attitude.” We’ll have fun making it warm for the TSA.   Here is Bob’s graphic and his writeup for the show –

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Seeing Through TSA’s Security Theater With Jim Bovard

If you’re flying home from vacation this weekend, you have one more gift to look forward to before you reach your gate: a TSA body scan. As of this week, opt outs of the invasive technology will no longer be granted to all those who ask for the alternative pat down. Jim Bovard has written for over a decade on the Transportation Security Agency’s encroachments of liberty. A frequent “opter-out” of the scanners in bygone times, Bovard has not flinched in the face of the screeners’ intimidation tactics. In addition to his repeat encounters with TSA agents, Bovard stands out among libertarian writers for his widely-read USA Today columns denouncing the climate of fear created by government to justify their privacy violations. He joins this special holiday edition of The Bob Zadek Show to dissect the carefully constructed “security theater” that we are forced to attend every time we fly. Tune in at 9am Pacific and call in with your nightmare experiences at airport security.


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