Archive | December 31, 2015


FFF: Supreme Demolition for the Raisin Racket

From the Future of Freedom Foundation – Supreme Demolition for the Raisin Racket by James Bovard The December 2013 Future of Freedom contained my article “A Supreme Rebuff for USDA’s Ruinous Raisin Regime.” The legal case surrounding that controversy kept percolating in the courts for another 18 months. The Obama administration won a big victory […]

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2015 A Great Year for Ruckuses – Thanks for Comments!

I want to thank the good folks who commented here this year.  It was a good year for making it hot for Washington rascals. Here’s a roundup of the logos of agencies I tagged this year in USA Today, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, F.F.F., and elsewhere. I wish you “good hunting” in the […]

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